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NG-4 Candy Bins / Dispensers
NG-4 Gravity Bins --- Investment Satisfaction

Keeps Candy Freshest— Tight Fitting Parts, 100 % Product
Rotation & Total UV Block. “Best Sealed Lid in the industry!”

Virtually Unbreakable— Made of Polycarbonate, a Non-Porous
Plastic. Sugars Cannot Eat into Plastic (typically for Acrylic Candy
Bins). Thus “No Cracking, Hazing or Yellowing!”

Sophisticated Simplicity— Unique Bayonet-Style and Snap-On
Parts. Only 5 components. No tools (or Manual) Needed to
Assemble or Disassemble. “ So Easy to Clean & All Parts are
Industrial Dishwasher-Proof”

User Friendliness— Sensitive Self-Winding Spring System
Encourages the Customer to Take Full Dispensing Control.
“Equipped with Obviously Intuitive Dispensing Handle”

Fast & Easy Installation— Attach Self-Adhesive Locking Strip to
Shelving, Twist on Spout Assembly, Put Label into Snap-On Label
Holder, Fill False Front and Container with Candy, Close Lid, Snap
Dispenser Base into Locking Strip -- - - That Simple!
Hygienic & Tamper Resistant— Bio-Safe
Design Protects Candy from Human Touch.
Tightly Sealed Lid Cannot Be Opened From the
Front of the Holding Bin. Rounded Comers Inside
the Bin Eliminate any Residue, And, of course,
the Candy Dispensers are
NSF Certified!

Modularity & Shelf Space Economy
Dispensers Fit on Any Type of Shelving (Wood,
Gondola, Racking) and Existing Shelving Easily
Converts into an Attractive Candy Display. 10
Bins Fit on a 48” Shelf and Per 4-Foot Shelf
Section, BestBins obtains 70% more capacity
than any other Gravity Candy Dispenser on the

Dispenser's Measurements— This Bin is 16”
high x 4.75” wide x 18” deep. .All measurements
can be Printed off
this PDF File. Bins come with a
self-adhesive Locking Strip that Sticks to
Shelving and Retains the Bins in Place. The Bins
will Click in Place and Cannot Tip during
Dispensing Action.
<-- Locking Strip
NG-4 (4-gallon/15-liter)
Height: 16" / 406 mm
Width: 4.75" / 121 mm
Depth: 18" / 457 mm
Compliment Candy Section by Incorporating Nuts
Candy & Nuts
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