Candy & Nuts Dispensing
Give adults the chance to feel like a kid again with the sweetest set-up in your store!  The bright,
bold colors of a bulk candy display speak irresistible volumes to the young-at-heart consumer.
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Keeps Candy Freshest— Tight Fitting Parts,
100 % Product Rotation & Total UV Block.
“Best Sealed Lid in the industry!”

Virtually Unbreakable— Made of
Polycarbonate, a Non-Porous Plastic. Sugars
Cannot Eat into Plastic (typically for Acrylic
Candy Bins). Thus “No Cracking, Hazing or

Sophisticated Simplicity— Unique Bayonet-
Style and Snap-On Parts. Only 5 components.
No tools (or Manual) Needed to Assemble or
Disassemble. “ So Easy to Clean & All Parts
are Industrial Dishwasher-Proof”
User Friendliness— Sensitive Self-
Winding Spring System Encourages the
Customer to Take Full Dispensing Control.
“Equipped with Obviously Intuitive
Dispensing Handle”

Fast & Easy Installation— Attach Self-
Adhesive Locking Strip to Shelving, Twist on
Spout Assembly, Put Label into Snap-On
Label Holder, Fill False Front and Container
with Candy, Close Lid, Snap Dispenser Base
into Locking Strip -- - - That Simple!
Hygienic & Tamper Resistant— Bio-Safe
Design Protects Candy from Human Touch.
Tightly Sealed Lid Cannot Be Opened From
the Front of the Holding Bin. Rounded Comers
Inside the Bin Eliminate any Residue,

Modularity & Shelf Space Economy
Dispensers Fit on Any Type of Shelving
(Wood, Gondola, Racking) and Existing
Shelving Easily Converts into an Attractive
Candy Display. 10 Bins Fit on a 48” Shelf and
Per 4-Foot Shelf Section, BestBins obtains
70% more capacity than any other Gravity
Candy Dispenser on the Market.